Its mid June and the 2012 NFL season is coming up quickly.  With training camp around the corner and the preseason shortly after the time to start thinking of a strategy is right now.  In anticipation of approaching drafts I decided to take a look at last year’s fantasy numbers according to ESPN standard scoring to see how they broke down.  In evaluating the top 125 flex players (including tight ends) some numbers stood out.

             Ranked 125-101             

RB:         9 (#46-38)                                        

WR:         9 (#59-51)                                     

TE:          7 (#20-14)

              Ranked 100-76

RB:          5(#37-33)

WR:        15((#50-36)

TE:            5(#13-9)

               Ranked 75-51

RB:           6(#32-27)

WR:         14(#35-22)

TE :             5 (#8-4)

              Ranked 50-26

RB:           12(#26-15)

WR:          12(#21-9)

TE:                1(#3)

                Ranked 26-1

RB:             14(#14-1)

WR:             8(#8-1)

TE:              2(#2-1)

So what knowledge do we gain from knowing these numbers you may ask…well plenty.  The most obvious stat that grabbed my attention is the fact that 14 out of the top 25 (56%) and 6 out of the top 10 players (60)% are running backs.  This fact tells me one thing that if you don’t grab one of the Big 3 signal callers (Rodgers, Brady, or Brees) or possibly Calvin Johnson in the first round you must take a RB.  If you don’t take a top RB you don’t want to be stuck with anything less than the 14th RB off the board so be vigilant while drafting.  These figures clearly show that the RB position has much less depth than WR and there are more backs than wideouts in the top 50.  Meaning that it is better to target your #1 and #2 RB in the first 50 picks than wait till the later rounds where the pickings are very slim at RB and potential breakout WR’s are plentiful.  These figures also show that unless you want a top 3 TE you might as well wait until after slot 50 in your draft as the majority of top TE’s are ranked from 100-50, so also remember you don’t want to wait too late.  I hope this was informative in helping you create a draft strategy.  As always comments WELCOME.