The days of drafting RB’s nearly exclusively in round 1 are all but a distant memory in fantasy football.  With the increase in running back tandems and rise of super dominant QB play has turned the current fantasy season into one of the most unpredictable in recent memory.  In nearly all drafts this year there will be 5 QB’s who will get drafted in the first 2 rounds, and more surprisingly up to 3 who go in the first round alone.  I will not insult your intelligence because chances are you have already heard these 5 names through countless articles, but in counting down my QB tier’s I need to start with the cream of the crop.  So without further ado the top 5 QB’s going into the 2012 season…(All points based on ESPN Standard Scoring)

  1. Aaron Rodgers- The only player I would consider taking ahead of Ray Rice or Arian Foster with a #1 overall pick, Aaron Rodgers has been fantasy gold the past 3 seasons.  Aaron Rodgers led all QB’s last fantasy season despite only playing in 15 games averaging a ridiculous 25.67 points per game played.  Rodgers lowest scoring game was 17 points in week 14 against Oakland, and was the only game in which he failed to post 20 plus points.  Rodgers threw for 4,643 yards, 45 touchdowns and only 6 interceptions (7.5/1, TD/INT ratio).  Add the fact that he will likely get you some yards on the ground and a few rushing TD’s, there just is NO other player that can match up.
  2. Tom Brady- Tom Terrific is coming off 5,235 yard, 39 touchdown campaign in 2011 finishing 3rd in fantasy points.  With the emergence of his talented TE tandem and always reliable Wes Welker Brady had a stupendous year.  However I feel this year should prove to be equally or even more impressive.  When Brady set the NFL record with 50 touchdowns in 2007 he had two things he has again but lacked last season…One his Offensive Coordinator Josh McDaniels and two a true deep threat which he has acquired in Brandon Lloyd.  While I don’t think another 50 TD campaign is in the making, I feel that a 4,800 40-45 touchdown is well within reach.
  3. Drew Brees- Brees is coming off a record breaking year posting an outrageous 5,476 yards shattering Dan Marino’s long standing record.  In addition to that he also came within hollering distance of the TD record throwing for 46.  Since 2008 he has never failed to throw for over 4,300 yards or 34 touchdowns.  The contract situation and Sean Peyton suspension do not concern me…Brees knows the offense inside and out and will post great numbers again this season.
  4. Matthew Stafford- In his first full healthy season, Stafford finally displayed his the talent that made him the #1 pick in the 09′ draft.  Throwing for 5,038 yards and 41 touchdowns, Stafford cemented his place among the NFL elite.  A full off season with his Decepticon friend will elevate his game even more.
  5. Cam Newton- Superman himself could not have had a more impressive rookie campaign than Cam Newton had last season.  Those of us who were lucky enough to draft him with a late round flier or add on the waiver wire after his 422 yard, 2 touchdown debut were rewarded by adding a QB who tied for 3rd overall in fantasy scoring.  If posting 4,o51 yards (breaking Peyton Manning’s rookie record) and 21 passing touchdowns weren’t impressive enough, Cam added 706 yards 14 touchdowns on the ground.  A full off season program with his team will help Newton post impressive numbers yet again in 2012.

So there you have it fantasy world, yet another column about why these 5 players are fantasy gold.  Coming soon my Tier 2 QB rankings…