Greetings again fantasy world just completed my latest mock draft with an emphasis on finding an elite QB and RB’s in my first few picks.  Picking an elite signal caller in the first round is the new trend in fantasy as the stable of RB’s have become less dependable and there is more depth at WR than ever.  Getting a solid foundation with runners still is important so I have opted to go RB with picks 2 and 3.  (Draft completed at and all points based on ESPN standard scoring)

(1.5) Tom Brady: Brady is solid as they come in fantasy football and was the pick I felt the most comfortable with at this point.  Many would take Brees ahead of him but I feel that Brady is going to have a huge season.  Brady had 5,235 yards and 39 touchdowns last season without a true deep threat.  Now with Brandon Lloyd available to stretch the field I think Brady will easily outscore Brees.  I think its safe to pencil him in for AT LEAST 4,700 yards and 40 plus touchdowns.

(2.16) Darren McFadden:  DMC was ridiculous the first 6 games last season as he accumulated 761 total yards and 5 touchdowns before being injured with a foot sprain.  If you were to prorate the 100 fantasy points scored through these games, McFadden would have been 3rd among runners with 267 points.  McFadden’s talent outweighs the risk, and if he can stay healthy for even 12 games I feel he is worth the pick.  Remember though you MUST handcuff him with whoever earns the #2 role in Oakland.

(3.25) DeMarco Murray:  Demarco Murray is another back who if can stay healthy will be among the elite at his position this year.  Murray had some huge games last season before coming down with injury including a 253 yard 1 touchdown game in week 7.  Look for Murray to have a big year.

(4,36) Brandon Marshall: Marshall has averaged 1,187 yards and over 6 touchdowns a season the past 5 years and that trend should move up.  With sub-par QB play last season he still managed over 1,200 yards.  Marshall with Cutler has averaged 1,237 yards and nearly 8 touchdowns per season as a starter (each with over 100 catches.)  Back in the orange and blue with the cannon armed Vanderbilt product I see top 10 WR written all over Marshall.

(5.45) Demaryius Thomas:  Everyone saw what Thomas could do down the stretch last season with horribly inaccurate Tim Tebow under center.  Manning has had a history of making his WR1 look like a superstar and I don’t see why that trend will stop.  I think Thomas has top 10 potential and at this draft slot has ridiculous value.

(6.56) Willis McGahee:  He is getting older but he is not showing signs of slowing down as last season he had 1,250 total yards and 5 touchdowns.  He may has a lot more tread on his tires than most backs over 30 because of the low use he had for 4 seasons with Baltimore.  McGahee will still see plenty of looks this season as I see Denver running to open up the pass and play action.  I consider him a low end RB2 or flex play.

(7.65) Kenny Britt:  Kenny Britt is yet another player drafted who is coming off of injury and is also another player who was drafted because of his enormous potential.  In Britt’s first two games last season he had 271 yards and 3 touchdowns.  If healthy he will be the top target for the Titans and will post great numbers.

(8.76) Aaron Hernandez: Being one of the top targets for Tom Brady is always great to having fantasy success.  The Patriots employ more than enough 2 TE packages to consider Hernandez an Elite fantasy TE.  He has a unique skill set that will allow him to be aligned on the line, out wide, and in the backfield.  To get a TE this late with this value is great.

(9.85) James Starks:  Starks had flex play consideration most of last season even with the presence of Ryan Grant.  With Grant out of the picture I feel Starks will be just fine and well worth a pick.  The Packers may not run the ball that much but they will still have enough runs to make James Starks worth at worst a flex play.

(10. 96) Jay Cutler:  Cutler is in line for his best season as a member of the Chicago Bears.  The addition of Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery are an immense upgrade over the recievers Cutler has had over the past few seasons.  Cutler is a QB2 who can easily outplay his draft position.

(11.105) Reggie Wayne:  Wayne is getting up their in age and has lost a step but will do better than many think this season.  With horrible QB play Wayne still managed 960 yards and 4 touchdowns.  With Andrew Luck in town I easily see him posting over 1,000 yards and 5 plus touchdowns.

(12.116) Mike Goodson:  Like I said if you draft McFadden you have to draft a handcuff for him.  Goodson was overlooked in Carolina behind Jonathan Stewart and DeAngelo Williams but is a very capable runner.  If McFadden goes down he will play very well in his place.

(13.125) Mike Williams:  Mike Williams had a horrible case last season of the sophomore slump.  With Vincent Jackson in town drawing most of the coverage, Williams will see plenty of man on man coverage this season.  If he can move past last season and play more like the promising rookie he will do fine.

(14.136) Carson Palmer:  I walked away from the computer with this pick and it put me on auto draft.  Still I’m not complaining Palmer and Cutler will both be on my roster as Insurance.

(15.145) Steelers DST:  Just left it on auto

(16.156) Rob Bironas:  auto pick

I like this team on the whole but looking back realized I never should have drafted so much risk in my running backs.  If both runners play to their potential this team is awesome however it could also blow up in my face leaving me in the bottom of my league.  Having Tom Brady is always good and I feel confident with my WR’s and TE but as a team I feel I drafted to many question marks.  I will definitely have to do a couple more drafts with this strategy to see how if I can improve.  As always comments are encouraged.