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I am the kind of fantasy football player who will have a lot of different leagues, but none are quite as fun as a money league among some of your friends.  Getting together, drinking some beers and as always trash talking and the criticizing every pick that is cast.  I like doing mock drafts, and to be honest I probably did about 75ish mocks this pre-season.  However no mock I have done could have prepared me for the unpredictability of this league, where Calvin went 4, Foster went 6 and McCoy went 7th.  Fortunately for me I walked away with a squad I feel will be in the playoffs.  So without further ado my completed roster round by round from pick 7.

1.7- LeSean McCoy:  How it is possible for Foster and McCoy to go 6 and 7 I’m not sure but I am not going to complain…only laugh about the luck I had in this draft.

2.4- Chris Johnson:  Can Chris Johnson bounce back from his lackluster year in 2011?  He has the potential we all know that, and it also appears that he has the motivation as well.

3.7- Cam Newton:  Cam Newton at the end of the 3rd round?  RIDICULOUS!  He has the possibly the highest ceiling in fantasy football, and even if he regresses a bit, I feel he is almost a guarantee to finish in the top 8.

4.4- Julio Jones:  Speaking of high ceiling’s Jones could easily post numbers that are off the charts, and is a solid WR1 for any team in any format.

5.7- Hakeem Nicks:  Hakeem Nicks’ foot injury likely played a big part in him falling this far, but it still does not stop the fact that I ended up with a WR1 at the end of round 5.

6.4- Percy Harvin:  Harvin is now in both my money leagues and like I said I think that Harvin has huge potential considering he was the 8th highest scoring WR in only 58% of the snaps.

7.7- Tony Romo:  I had two solid RB’s and three solid WR’s, there were no TE’s worth drafting so I decided to go for Romo so that I have great QB depth in case of an injury.  Romo in the 7th was awesome.

8.4- Peyton Hillis:  I think that Hillis is going to split carries this season and should also see the goal line work, very good value for my RB3.

9.7- Jeremy Maclin:  Maclin in the end of the 9th I simply have no explanation for…simply amazing.

10.4- Stevan Ridley:  It’s pretty obvious that Ridley is the most talented RB on the Patriots and if they are smart they will use him a lot this season to keep defenses honest.

11.7- Kenny Britt:  And another league I have Britt on.  With only a 1 game suspension, and the skills to be a top 10 WR I just couldn’t pas him up.  Either way he is my 5th WR so even if he does not pan out I’ll be fine.

12.4- Kevin Smith:  He’s a starter, and at this point in the draft that’s more than you can reasonably expect.

13.7- Titus Young:  He’s been tearing it up in the pre-season, and even if he don’t pan out it will be alright considering he is nothing but a reserve.

14.4- Jared Cook:  Cook can breakout like I said, and I’m not worried about my TE…after the top 3 its all a crap shoot.

15.7- Texans DST:  People were taking DST’s as soon as the 8th round and none of them were this defense?  It just does not make sense.

16.4- Garret Harley:  Same with kickers, they were coming off the board early and he somehow got lost in the shuffle.

So there you have it, my league winning roster…I know there are no such things as sure things in fantasy, but this team does not have any flaws that I can see anyway.  As always comments are encouraged.


12 team leagues are more difficult to draft for than standard 10 team leagues, but when you throw the wrench of having an OP (offensive player utility) instead of a standard flex, things get crazy.   With an OP you can start any offensive player as your flex including a second QB, also in this league there is only a max of 2 QB’s allowed per roster.  My cousin and I split a team and I believe we drafted a team that has quite a bit of risk, but also potential for quite a bit of reward.  So without further ado, my results picking from the 7th spot.

1.7- Matthew Staford:  In a league where you can start a QB in the flex, having a strong QB core is a great strategy for success.  Stafford can throw for elite numbers and was by far the best pick available.

2.6- Eli Manning:  Decided to go for a second upper echelon QB right off the bat instead of a risk reward RB this early.

3.7-Trent Richardson:  Richardson is a rookie and some would caution against picking a rookie as your RB1, but considering he was the best available RB and has potential to be a true workhorse I just couldn’t pass up the great value.

4.6- Adrian Peterson:  It came down to Peterson or Steven Jackson, and considering Peterson could return to form and play to the pro-bowl standard we have grown to expect…the reward could be huge.

5. 7- Ahmad Bradshaw:  In a 12 team league there was no way I would pass on Bradshaw in the second half of the 5th round.

6.6- Pecy Harvin:  108 points in the final 8 games last season…if he picks up where he left off he could be a steal.  Am I the only one who remembers he was fantasy’s 8th highest scoring WR last season?  Oh and remember he did that playing 58% of the snaps.

7.7- Antonio Brown:  He had very similar numbers to Mike Wallace in all areas but in touchdowns.  I expect him to score much more than the deuce he put up last season and I think he can easily out perform Wallace this year.

8.6- Vincent Jackson:  How I ended up with Jackson this late I can’t explain…ridiculous.

9.7- Toby Gerhart:  Had to protect our investment with Peterson, and he was the best available at RB.

10.6- Kenny Britt:  It was the theme of our draft…finding outstanding value late for our WR’s

11.7- Mikel Leshoure:  I think Leshoure is capable of carrying the load for the Lions this season…after he comes back in week 3 from a suspension that is.

12.6-Jered Cook:  I always like to wait on my TE’s and Cook has potential to breakout this season.

13.7-Laurent Robinson:  Robinson easily might end up on the waiver wire soon, but because of his size he can easily get 30-40 yards and a TD any given week good enough for spot start come bye weeks.

14.6- Seahawks DST: The Seahawks DST I think is very underrated… I mean 6 of there games come against NFC West division rivals.

So there you have it the results from my 12 OP league.  We don’t play with kickers in this league so that is why it is not listed.  Any comments are always encouraged.